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Travelling is one of those things you´ll never regret in your life. It broadens your horizon and will teach you how to be feel free, it will also change yourself, sometimes it scares or excites you. Travelling is the best investment and worth every single Cent.

I remember the first time when I packed my suitcase and was ready for departure. I had no idea about the new adventure I was up to. I made a lot of new friends, got robbed, gained a lot of self confidence, learned not to trust everybody, overcame some fear and one of the best points I stepped out of my comfort zone. In the end it ended up being the best decision I have ever made.

So let's get started!

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World trip tipps #1: You may miss home

There will be a time when you feel alone. There can be some occasions which may let you doubt your trip. It could be that you get robbed or just get no accomodation. Or someone tries to screw you over and scare you.

Maybe you sit alone in a coffee with no more money or credit cards or passport – because everything was stolen. In those moments don't forget the most important thing: You will never regret travelling, even though you will miss your family and friends when hard times hit.

In my opinion it is good to have a passport full of stamps rather than a house full of stuff.

World trip tipps #2: You don't always eat what you expect

Maybe you're also someone who loves to try new exotic dishes, new flavours or different coffees. Most of the times these special dishes cost quite a lot of money and do not taste good at all. Many world travellers are on a low budget and skip the line to crowded restaurants.

Furthermore in some countries for example India it is rude not to try what they offer you.

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Another thing is that you may try some unusual local dish, such as Kare-Kare, a traditional food from the Philippines, and in the end you find out that it is an oxtail with vegetables. Luckily, I have to admit that it tasted delicious, but I could not stop thinking about what it really was.

When you live abroad for a longer period of time you may miss your local products from home. For example, in many countries there is no brown bread, the only thing they have is white bread which tastes like paper.

World trip tipps #3: Take a few things from home

Especially girls: Bring your own sanitary products for when you have your period! In some places of the world they won´t have normal tampons (if you use them). For example, in the States they have special tampons with applicators.

Also have a „Schnaps“ with you – it will help you when you have stomach issues or need to clean a dirty glass. You won´t be able to buy the liquor you know anywhere.

World trip tipps #4: Some places might disappoint you

Departing for a big trip, you have probably planned everything carefully and put your entire soul and heart into it. Everything is well structured and planned. Nothing can go wrong.

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But most likely there will be times when you're disappointed, because not everything looks as idyllic and mindblowing as it was described in travel blogs or guides. For example, there might be huge crowds, a lot of trash or unfriendly inhabitants in places you least expect them to be.

alpengraphics world trip tipps vietnamalpengraphics world travel tipps vietnamalpengraphics world trip tipps vietnam street market

In some occasions, the color of the ocean, which was so beautifully turquioise on Instagram posts, turns out to be dirty with tons of trash floating on it. Some places will disappoint you. Period.

alpengraphics world trip tipps vietnam bazaaralpengraphics world trip tipps vietnam roadside restaurant

World trip tipps #5: New friends

Sometimes you will make new friends, it can also be animals. You may live together with them on farms. As we did. We had wild kangaroos around our house. We were allowed to feed them.

alpengraphics world travel tipps australia kangaroosalpengraphics world trip tipps australia farm kangaroos

World trip tipps #6: You change places nearly every day

This is one thing no one ever tells you, when talking about how wonderful long-term travel is. You need to change places nearly every day, which implies changing your accommodation at the same frequency.

Doing that with a big backpack on your shoulders (18kg+) and an additional smaller one on your chest, is not as easy and semi-fun. Especially when you have to walk longer distances (the way from the metro station to your accommodation be appear as a very long distance in that situation! :) ).

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For example, in San Francisco you even have steep roads to climb in order to reach your accommodation. For such situations it's gold if you have halfed your luggage in advance (more about that later).

World trip tipps #7: Calculate a time buffer

Especially when you travel through Asia and you want to get from A to B, check the distance properly. Always calculate some buffer for any travel issues, queues or delays that may arise.

alpengraphics world trip tipps must see places

World trip tipps #8: Say goodbye to cozy beds

Nobody ever told me how much I will miss my bed.

alpengraphics world travel tipps beds accommodationalpengraphics world trip tipps beds accommodation

You will sit and sleep on an uncomfortable bus, lie in sleeping trains where insects climb up the wall next to you or sit in open trains with no doors and windows for many hours. Maybe you will have bench buddies who won´t stop snoring, listen to loud music or smoke on the trains, where there’s no air condition.

Whereas some other benches are packed with many people, four children sit on the bench while grandma lingers around on a mat on the floor. Travelling is not as luxurious as you might expect and it can be quite tough.

World trip tipps #9: Half your luggage

The toughest lesson is to pack your backpack. First you should pack it, after that unpack and sort out at least 1/3. Pack and unpack again and you will end up with only a few thing you really need.

Such as a few shirts, two shorts, a pant, a pullover, jacket, hat, socks, underwear, glasses, towel, camera, sleeping bag. I would suggest you to separate them into different travel bags, so that everything is sorted and you only have to take out that bag you need.

World trip take-away: Traveling is soooo addictive

You might think that you're over and done with travelling once you have visited the places you always dreamed of. Like you have reached your goal and are now ready for somethings else.

alpengraphics world trip tipps usa america strip

But unfortunately, I have to tell you, it doesn’t work that way! When you start travelling it becomes addictive. You come back home with a lot of new stories and are eager to learn more on your next trip.

alpengraphics world trip tipps meeting new people

World trip take-away: Look up special places on Instagram

Some spots which you’ll find in travel guides are crowded and are better to be avoided. Instead, maybe rent a motorcycle to explore the area or check out local places on Instagram. That way I found the Pink Street in Lisboa - which was amazing.

alpengraphics world trip tipps secret spots iceland cave

Travelling is the best thing you can do to free your mind and step out of your comfort zone, but your expectations may not always be full-filled. But enjoy your time and make the best of it, because it is definitely worth it!

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