4 reasons why hilltop camping is the greatest thing in the world

For us, setting up a tent on a mountain top, looking at the red-orange-colored peaks during golden hour right before sunset with a steaming cup of tea is what life is all about.

Do you remember that feeling when driving along a coast line in the sunshine? This pure bliss? When life feels completely at peace?

That's what we feel like when camping in the mountains. We usually get quite emotional when the sun has set and it gets quiet on the hilltop, while life is still bustling in the valley. Why? Looking at things from that angle has the powerful effect of realizing, how massive and timeless mountains are compared to our small and insignificant hassles.

This experience is extremely humbling and keeps reminding us why it is so important to care about the nature we're surrounded with. Hilltop camping creates life-time memories. Without protecting our environment, those memories won't exist.

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Creating and protecting these memories is one of our core values at alpengraphics. Everything we do is in accord with positive environmental practices, simply because we love the outdoors and want to keep it intact. We source our mugs from within the EU, print in Germany and refrain from plastics during the entire production & shipping process. But what's even more important: Enamel mugs are longlasting and therefore reduce consumption - and that's the key.

But, let's get to it. In case you're not yet convinced that camping is the greatest thing in the world, we'll tell you now why you should reconsider your opinion :)


1. Freedom

The amazing thing about hilltop camping is this feeling of freedom. While we do enjoy an occasional stay at a hut or mountain lodge as well, it's just not the same. If you camp, it's only you and the mountain. You and the sky. You and nature. You set your own timing, when to have a cup of coffee and where to eat breakfast. And isn't it that a freshly brewed coffee on a mountain top takes a million times better than anywhere else? Check out some of the hilltop camping hacks mentioned in our blog.


2. Sunrise & sunset

It's just so beautiful to fire up your gas stove or bonfire, prepare hot water for food and tea (btw, our campfire mugs can be used right on top of open fire and gas!) and then simply watch the sun set and rise. If that's not perfect, we don't know what is. We always set our alarm 20 minutes before sunrise to make sure we have enough time to prepare a full mug of coffee which warms us while watching the mountains turn colorful. After that we do a yoga session on the mountain top, have breakfast and then pack everything to head down. The beauty of it all? You can experience it just by yourself.


3. Stargazing

We probably don't have to say much about this point :) Where there's no to little light pollution, there's the greatest of all stargazing views. This is literally what makes us go every single time. The stars are so clear and overwhelming in number that it's an unforgetable experience. To get the full experience, we often set an alarm for the middle of the night, get up and simply stare at the nightsky. We don't even turn on a torch, because every bit of light just compromises the experience. For us, this is what makes camping in the mountains worthwhile and uncomparable to anything else.


4. Back to the roots

There's something deeply satisfying and relaxing about living in nature. It's serene. No noise. No hustling. It simply you, your bonfire and the mountain. Cooking, sleeping and spending time in this environment charges the batteries like nothing else. We also feel that going back to the roots sometimes actually makes you feel more rooted. Being in nature and camping in the mountains sets priorities straight and helps putting non-sense aside.

alpengraphics hillside camping in mountains

Do you still have doubts about camping being the most awesome thing to do? We're hardliners on this one :) That's why you will find lots of tents, mountains, vans and forests on our enamel mug designs.

However, one thing we want to mention here. Not all countries allow hillside camping. Please check with your local authorities if, for how long and with what equipment you're allowed to camp in the mountains of your choice.

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