Webdesign: Startup/NGO

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Webdesign: Startup/NGO

Focus of this post:

  1. How to say more with less design?
  2. How can startups profit from minimalistic webdesign?
  3. How to work with imagery minimalistic?

Text does trigger emotion, but images do so quicker.

In times of low attention spans, a website has to trigger emotions instantly.

Images are therefore absolutely essential. But they’ll only be able to unfold their full emotional power when the customer opens the page and ‘BAAM’ sees it right there.

Because website visitors usually decide within the very first few seconds if it’s worth staying on that page and scrolling down or not (and if they’ll ever come back!).

That makes minimalistic webdesign so attractive. Because minimalistic designs cut down to the very essentials, the elements that are integrated, get the maximum of attention.

The customer doesn’t have to search for the ‘BAAM’. By removing all unnecessary design elements, the message or emotional imagery is right there ‘in his/her face’ to create excitement.

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