Webdesign mockup: Startup

website webdesign startup

Webdesign mockup: Startup

This post focuses on:

  1. What should a startup website look like?
  2. Which elements are most important?
  3. How can a webdesign support startup values?

Here’s to differentiate between a startup website and a landing page. Both need different elements.

The website should emphasize the mission of a company.

The landing page should collect emails, clicks or whatever KPI is most sought after.

In order to emphasize the startup mission, minimalism is a great tool.

Minimalistic webdesign allows to emphasize the mission by simply displaying very little apart from the mission slogan.

That way the mission is the first thing a visitor sees without being distracted by other overpowering design elements.

Emphasizing the mission through minimalistic webdesign is also great for companies that are value-based and really want the customer to know their values before they even see their products.

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