Webdesign mockup: photographer portfolio

website webdesign photographer portfolio

Webdesign mockup: photographer portfolio

This post focuses on:

  1. Why should photographers do self-branding?
  2. How can self-branding & photography portfolio combined on a website?

As mentioned in a previous webdesign for photographers, Instagram & Co. are great to portrait a portfolio.

But good photographers are so much more than that.

They have a story. They have values. They have a vision.

All this is important today.

Companies and customers are interested in their photos, but also in the person behind it.

A personal website that combines the photographer’s philosophy, projects & portfolio – the BIG 3 – goes a long way branding the photographer as a person.

Both can be amazingly combined in a minimalistic webdesign.

Large imagery paired with a static section which contains the main philosophy or mission statement.

Are you a photographer who’s looking to create a personal portfolio website? Then reach out to me via melanie(at)alpengraphics.com and we’ll take it from there.

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