Webdesign mockup: personal branding

webdesign website personal brand

Webdesign mockup: personal branding

This post focuses on:

  1. How can I brand myself?
  2. How can my website boost my personal brand?
  3. Why is a personal branding page a good idea?

Personal branding is more important than ever.

Of course, Instagram & Co. make it easy to create a personal brand and they make it easy to tell your story. Catch the customers emotionally.

But a personal brand today is a B2B and B2C brand.

Instagram helps at getting ‘fans’ and ‘customers’, but the content is B2C.

A personal branding website then allows to focus more on the professional side of things.

Once companies find your personal brand on Instagram and would like to cooperate with you, it’s helpful to have a professional page that portraits all the different clients you’ve worked with, your services and more.

Again, a minimalistic design goes a long way here.

Companies don’t have a lot of time and there’s plenty of other influencers out there, they could choose from.

That’s why the most effective strategy is to keep it simple, minimalistic and well structured. But in a way that brings across your personality and your message.

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