Webdesign mockup: outdoor & tour operators

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Webdesign mockup: outdoor & tour operators

This post focuses on:

  1. How do I bring across emotions through a website?
  2. How minimalistic should a webdesign be?
  3. Why should there be less text on my page?

The easiest to bring across emotion is to work with emotional imagery.

And to give that imagery room.

Remove all the distractions from that picture.

That is the basic concept of a minimalistic webdesign. To keep the website simple and to only work with the design elements that are required to bring the emotion, message and necessary content across.

The initial landing page should therefore be as minimalistic as possible. Once the visitor’s attention is grabed and he/she starts scrolling then we can work with more text.

But again, for most companies less content is more. I don’t want to generalize, because there definitely are pages that need content, like civil service pages. They’re not there to woo customers, they’re there to inform.

But for companies, like tour operators, outdoor companies, startups and and and, they focus must be on emotion.

And websites with convincing visual language and minimalistic web design elements will have it easier to keep their visitors on the page.

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