Webdesign: Photographer branding


Webdesign: Photographer branding

This post touches on:

  1. How can photographers brand themselves?
  2. How do branding & portfolio go together?
  3. How can a minimalistic webdesign help?

Today, in the age of Instagram & Co., photographers aren’t just selling their photos.

They are successful because of their personality.

Their philosophy.

Their values.

Today, photographers are liked or disliked for what they stand for and which emotions they portrait through their photos.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that personal websites portrait exactly that.

We have Instagram & Co. for purely displaying a portfolio. The personal website should go beyond that.

Minimalism is a great tool to do that effectively.

Minimalistic design focuses on the essentials, cuts out everything that’s not necessary and therefore gives room for the important things to stand out.

And the important thing is the person and it’s values.

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